IACR: Dont use spud spray on beet

7 June 2001

IACR: Dont use spud spray on beet

By Charles Abel

SUGAR beet growers must not apply potato blight fungicides to volunteer potatoes emerging in their crops, warn experts.

Blight sprays are not cleared for use in beet and applying them would put sugar beet contracts at risk, says the Institute of Arable Crop Research Brooms Barn.

If volunteer potatoes are a concern, treat with a recommended mix containing clopyralid (Dow Shield) and triasulfuron (Debut), it advises.

To achieve a faster knockdown of volunteer potato foliage than clopyralid alone, it advises.

Where beet are large enough, having 6-8 true leaves, consider using salt to defoliate the volunteer potatoes, it adds.


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