Import selection from sunny Italy

18 February 2000

Import selection from sunny Italy

Motokov UK is now in the

grassland and cultivation

machinery market as UK

importers of equipment

made by Italian

manufacturers Fort

and Pegoraro.

Andy Moore reports

MOTOKOV UK, importer of Zetor and Landini tractors, has been awarded sole UK distribution rights for grassland and tillage equipment made by Italian manufacturers Fort and Pegoraro.

Under the Fort brand name, Motokov aims to tempt the smaller to medium size livestock producer with a selection of low cost fixed chamber balers and disc mowers.

Balers start with the FP1200K, a compact machine designed with a low centre of gravity for hay and silage baling on steep gradients.

Offering a 2m pickup, the baler produces 1.20 x 1.20m bales inside a chamber using two bottom rollers and a chain and slat mechanism. Standard features include electric motor driven binders, in-cab control and twin twine binding.

Providing the same bale size for the larger producer or contractor, Fort will supply a heavy duty fixed chamber baler – the F21 Maxicut.

A key feature is claimed to be the balers half roller – half chain and slat bale formation system – a system designed to produce high density straw and silage bales from 600 to 800kg. This arrangement, says Fort, provides better grip, resulting in less slippage in the chamber, and therefore a higher density bale.

The Maxicut collects from a 2m pickup where crop is passed via two side augers onto an 11 knife spiral cutting rotor. Producing a 90mm chop length, the cutter can be hydraulically retracted to aid clearance of blockages.

On the mowers front, Fort will supply Motokov with a side mounted disc machine available in 1.65m to 2.8m working widths. The DMD 2050 mower provides belt drive to a suspended mower deck, which includes oval-shaped discs – each equipped with two blades.

Other design aspects relate to an automatic belt tensioning device, a rotary disc for swathe guidance and hydraulic folding for transport.

For its cultivation machinery input, Pegoraro intends to offer a range of power harrows and rotary tillers.

Rigid D power harrows are available in 2.5m to 4.0m working widths and are claimed to be suitable for tractors from 80 to 180hp. Specification includes a height adjustable levelling bar and a selection of packer, cage, coil and crumbler rollers. For higher 200 to 270hp tractors, W series folding power harrows are available in 4 to 6m working widths.

Probably the most innovative feature of these machines is to be found on the "fluosystem" – a system designed to allow each wing section to float over ground contours.

The system can be locked in a rigid position for work over level ground, or unlocked for operation on uneven terrain by altering hydraulic ram pin brackets.

In addition, the power harrows feature horizontal instead of diagonally mounted drive shafts – a position claimed to significantly reduce U-joint wear.

To control depth the operator has an option of a hydraulic ram operated system, or mechanical crank and pin lock system for outside adjustments.

For work on very hard soils – Pegoraro has introduced a selection of rotary tillers with straight and angled blades – the LC Pegolama and TC series.

The LC Pegolama range is available in 2.3m to 3.0m working widths and designed to work directly into stubble or after a previous primary tillage operation.

Soil is pulverised through a horizontal rotor with flail-type blades. The rotor can be run at 255 or 285rpm by interchanging a pair of gears. Behind the rotor, tilth reduction is achieved by a height adjustable levelling board or a range of rollers.

Pegoraro says the tillers consume roughly the same amount of power – and fuel – as equivalent size power harrows, although maintenance costs are claimed to be less due to fewer wearing parts.

Other features of the rotary tillers include an automatic chain tensioner and an optional hydraulic hitch for seed drill attachment.

In addition to Pegoraro and Fort equipment, Motokov is expanding its product list further, by importing the Czech-made Farmet range of stubble and seed-bed cultivators.

Available in 3 rigid or 3.8m folding formats, the stubble cultivator comprises two rows of winged tines, followed by angled discs and a slatted roller. Horsepower requirements for each model are 105hp and 140hp respectively.

As with the seed-bed cultivator, the implement offers a 4m working width and consists of track eradicators, levelling board, slatted roller, four rows of spring tines and a crosskill roller at the rear.

All new equipment is said to be available for this year through Motokovs existing Zetor and Landini dealers. Prices are available on application.

Pegoraros line up of power harrows range from 4 to 6m for folding W versions and 2.5 to 4m for rigid D models.

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