Important changes to our website

We’re changing the way the Farmers Weekly website works, aiming to make it a better experience and easier to understand for our users.

Until recently we have controlled access to our content by counting the number of articles you viewed.

We allowed paying subscribers to view as much content as they liked, while limiting the number of articles that non-subscribers could access each month.

Non-subscribers who were also not registered users of the site could view up to 2 articles a month before they were asked to become a registered user. Registered users could view up to 4 articles a month before they were asked to become a paying subscriber.

But readers have told us that they found this confusing, partly because it is hard to keep track of how many articles you have viewed in a given month. And it doesn’t take into account that some parts of our content are more valuable, and take more time and effort to produce, than others.

So we are moving to a simpler approach. In future we will stop counting the articles you view and simply divide our content into 3 categories: free, registration and subscriber.

Free content: As the name suggests, this is available without restrictions to anyone using the website. Content that falls into this category is designed to keep you generally informed about what is happening in the farming world, or to entertain you. It includes most of our news as well as most of our FarmLife content.

Registration content: This is still free to use, but to access it you have to register with our website and sign in.

As long as you don’t delete your cookies, you only need to sign in once on each device that you use to access our website – when you come back to the site we will recognise you without the need to sign in again.

This content includes some news stories on critical, business-related topics, and some of our in-depth articles which will give you a better understanding of the issues driving the news in farming.

Subscription content: This is available only to our paying subscribers (i.e. people who subscribe to Farmers Weekly in print, on a tablet or both). It includes most of our highest-value content designed to help you run your farm business more effectively – information to help you stay compliant, reduce costs, buy wisely and achieve better prices for your produce.

We think that this approach is better for several reasons:

  • It is less confusing – no need to keep track of how many articles you have viewed in a month.
  • It allows everyone to view an unlimited number of our free articles, and you only need to register and sign in once to view an unlimited number of our registration articles.
  • It gives a clear benefit to our paying subscribers, who have exclusive access to our most valuable content.

In summary, we think our new approach is a much better way to bring you the content you value while allowing us to invest in our award-winning journalism and new digital services.


What happens if I click on subscription content?

If you are a subscriber who has signed in to the website you will be able to view the content immediately, otherwise you will only be able to see a short extract from the article.

If you are already a subscriber, simply sign in. If you are not a subscriber, you can take out a subscription to get full access.

What happens if I click on registration content?

If you are a subscriber, or a non-subscriber who has registered with the site at some point in the past, and you are signed in, you will be able to view the content immediately. If not, you will see a short extract from the article and then be asked to sign in or register.

What happens if I click on free content?

You will be able to view the content immediately, with no restrictions.

Will I have to keep signing in to see registration and subscription content?

When you sign in, you can choose for to automatically sign you in when you return – by ticking the “remember me” box – as long as you are using the same device. You only need to sign in once on each device if you do this.

I’m a magazine subscriber but I’ve never registered or logged in to – can I access content?

Yes, you will need to register on the site first. When you go to read an article you’ll need to make sure you’re logged in and then “Activate” your account on the page you’re presented with.

What will you do with the data that I give you?

We will use your details to contact you about the site, alert you to new services and make sure we provide you with relevant content. The registration form gives you the opportunity to manage the way that we communicate with you and you can change these preferences at any time.

Who can I contact if I have a question about registering or subscribing?

Please email or telephone +44 (0)1444 47 56 90


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