25 April 1997


FEEDING cereal-based enzymes improves broiler performance, and can increase margin a sq m of floor space by up to 8.5%.

According to work at the Scottish Agricultural College, feed conversion rates significantly improved to between 1.795 and 1.886. And while the increase in skin-off breast meat yield was not significant, maintaining the increase could lead to a considerable rise in profitability.

The Marshall Agriculture-funded trials also found that enzymes appeared to allow better control of coccidia with coccidiostats, possibly due to the use of the two products creating a healthier gut.

COURSES covering all aspects of poultrymeat, egg and chick production are to be run this spring by the Poultry Industry Partnership.

The courses are usually run at either De Montford University or Holbeach, both in Lincolnshire, and cover welfare for birds and staff, health and safety, food hygiene and business management. Fees start at £75 for a half day course.

MORE egg producers are opting for six- or seven-tier cages, saving on building costs. Last year, orders for taller cages from manufacturer Patchett ran to only 4%, but have risen to 90% this year. Producers opting for more tiers, rather than the more usual three- or four-tier cages, could save about £2 a bird, says the company.

LANCASHIRE broiler hatchery Mayfield Chicks is seeking more producers in the north of England to produce broiler hatching eggs on contract.

According to the company, no previous experience is necessary as full technical back-up is given, and the operation will integrate well with other farming activities.

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