12 March 1999


uALL products recommended for grass-weed control must carry a resistance warning from Dec 2000, says the Pesticides Safety Directorate. The warning says growers should adopt a strategy to prevent and manage resistance, referring to Weed Resistance Action Group guidelines. These are available from the HGCA, BAA, distributors and advisers.

uMISSED the Assured Combin-able Crops Scheme deadline? You could still be registered for 1999 harvest. Although the Feb 28 Year 2 cut-off has passed, scheme registrar UKFQC says it will continue sending out registration forms while its 70 inspectors can guarantee a verification visit. For a registration pack phone UKFQC on 01993 885610.

uWEST Midlands seed and ag-chem distributor David Nunn has teamed up with Profarma in a chemicals for information deal. Nunns will source almost all its chemicals through Profarma and in return have access to the national distributors Select Agronomy trials series, including Cheshire and Shropshire sites. &#42

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