17 December 1999


&#8226 THE British Free Range Egg Producers Association has set up a marketing company, and is hoping to obtain £75,000 of MAFF funding for initial support. The key objective is to improve the competitiveness of individual free range egg producers by collaborative marketing.

The company will negotiate contract prices and production specifications on behalf of individual producers and packers and develop new and existing markets for shell and processed free range eggs.

It will also promote free range eggs as a brand, further develop quality and welfare standards, negotiate purchasing discounts, gather and disseminate market intelligence and develop training opportunities for members.

&#8226 MULTI-MEDIA technology is to be used in an innovative approach to training within the pig industry, with the aim of improving efficiency and cutting costs of production, says the British Pig Executive.

The package has been put forward for joint funding with MAFF, and is supported by the National Pig Association. It will involve the MLC, University of Aberdeen, Garth Vet Group and eastern Englands Agskills initiative.

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