Increase vigour by adding spice

19 April 2002

Increase vigour by adding spice

SPICING up sow diets with peppers, cinnamon and oregano could boost piglet vigour and growth, according to a University of Leeds study.

Presenting findings of the study at BSAS, researcher Sian Ilsey said sows were offered 2.5kg/day of a 14MJ DE diet containing 100g/t of a blend of the spices capsicum, cinnamaldehyde and oregano oil.

Piglets from sows on this diet gained an extra 18g/day over their first 24 hours and were 294kg heavier at 21 days old than those from sows fed the control ration.

"The superior growth rate of piglets over their first 24 hours suggests piglets were more vigorous or sows produced more milk than control sows.

"The additive also improved weight gains in the third week of lactation, normally a time when sow milk yield limits piglet growth. As sow feed intake and backfat loss remained unchanged, this may indicate greater efficiency in use of feed by sows for milk production."

The additive cost £2/t. &#42

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