Increased risk of mastitis infection

4 July 1997

Increased risk of mastitis infection

WET weather means calving cows are at increased risk from mastitis.

So warns Gloucester-based vet Chris Watson. "Most producers think of calving fields as being a dry calving box. However, in the recent bad weather grass has been muddy and wet, increasing infection risk."

He advises ensuring cows are not over-fed prior to calving. "You dont want cows steamed up with udders which are too full."

Moving cows closer to dairy buildings may also help, as cows can then be treat-dipped before calving, reducing infection risk.

"Ideally, move cows inside when its wet and muddy. Then you can control rations, reducing the risk of milk fever. Take care not to feed too much silage – you want to maintain condition rather than put it on."n

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