Independence on the front

9 July 1999

Independence on the front

INDEPENDENT front suspension is now available as an option for Case MX Maxxum tractors in the 100hp to 150hp power range.

The company believes it is scoring over several other non-independent designs by providing a system which allows the unit to act only on the wheel subjected to ground vibrations – and not the whole axle.

This is claimed to provide a high degree of operator comfort, less vibration, better traction and improved safety.

Built into the system is a degree of automation in terms of self levelling to the middle suspension point when travelling over 14kph. Ground clearance can be adjusted to the point that when the suspension is fully lowered – when using the tractor for loader work, for example – the axle is rigid with mechanical stops.

Left and right wheels are completely independent with each having their own control circuits connected to a single electronic valve. A single acting cylinder connected to an accumulator exerts down force while a counteracting torsion bar produces an upward force. The result is a controlled suspension unit using the combined forces of the accumulator and the torsion bar.

Sensors regulate the axle height and, once set, maintains it irrespective of front loading forces. Control is via two switches in the cab – one is responsible for automatic operation of the suspension, while the other allows manual height adjustment.

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