Innocent pulls dairy-free drinks from its range

Innocent Drinks has announced on Twitter that it will stop selling its dairy-free range in the coming month.

The company, owned by Coca Cola, noted poor sales figures as one of the key drivers behind the decision.

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The company said: “We’re sad to say that our dairy-free range will be leaving shelves in the next few weeks.

“We know some of you really love our coconut, hazelnut and almond drinks, so we wanted to say a big thanks for buying them. We really appreciate all five of you.

“We have made the decision to stop our dairy alternatives range from April 2023 to focus on our best selling fruit and veg juices and smoothies.

“Whilst the dairy alternatives range won’t be continuing, we will continue to explore the use of dairy alternatives as ingredients in our products.”

Dairy alternative sales

Price remains an issue for consumers, with dairy alternatives typically remaining at a higher price point than milk.

In 2022, growth in demand for milk alternatives softened, according to the AHDB, with lower volumes sold during earlier stages of the year.

During the first three weeks of 2023, when Veganuary has the biggest effect, Kantar data showed the volume of dairy alternative products dropped by 2.6% on the same period in 2022.

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