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Please note the following message which is being sent to Breathe users on 10 November 2008:


This communication is to advise users of changes being made to their email account.


If you connect to the Internet via the <VISP> dial up number or already pay for a subscription package (broadband or 24/7 Anytime) there will be no change to the way you pick up your email- either via your email client (Outlook etc) or the webmail interface.


If however you do not connect to the Internet via <VISP> you will be required to upgrade to our mail only package in order for your email account to be accessed. This package allows you to collect your email from wherever you are in the world.


The charge for this package is only £19.95 per annum. To upgrade simply log into My Account with your username and password by clicking on Billing at, click on Bolt-ons in the left hand panel and follow the online instructions. Once upgraded you will be safe in the knowledge that however you connect to the Internet you will always have access to your email.


The upgrade will be available from Friday 7th November to Monday 8th December. Should you not wish to upgrade to the mail only package your email will remain available as normal although on the 8th December access will not be possible. When you try and access mail either via webmail or an email client you will receive an automated message and other emails will not be visible.


The upgrade is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.


Should you have any queries please send us a secure email via the Contact section in My Account or on 0871 424 0102. Calls to this line are charged at National Rate and lines are open 9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 9am-4pm Fridays.


We hope you are continuing to enjoy the service and thank you for your continued custom.


24 September, 2008

There is currently an issue with users’ emails and Breathe, who supply the email accounts as a third-party supplier, are looking into this. Enquiries about your email account problems should be directed to:

Technical Support – 0906 6090 933 (calls charged at 60p/minute). Outside office hours ring 0871 424 0102 (calls charged at 60p per minute)

Customer support – 0871 424 0102 – charged at national rate

Online Support

Click here to access the ‘My Account’ service to submit your question to the technical support team or the billing department.

Click here for technical support

12/09/2008 – ADSL Connection Issues

Since around 11:30am today some ADSL customers have been experiencing problems connecting to the service; usernames and passwords are generally refused despite the router or modem the customer is using being syncronised correctly with the BT exchange.

Our network support team have been discussing this fault with our suppliers and BT and it is belived a corrupt routing table on BT’s network is the cause of these problems; this issue is not affecting all ADSL customers but should shortly be fully resolved.

We therefore ask all customers who have been having problems connecting today to confirm the login details on their equipment is correct and to reboot their ADSL routers or PC’s periodically – many customers have now been able to reconnect since this problem first arose and it is expected that all remaining affected customers will likewise be back online again shortly.

Existing accounts:

the following numbers are used for connecting to the internet:

PAY AS YOU GO dial-up number – 0845 665 2149
CALL PACKAGES dial-up number – 0808 991 6276

Benefits of having your Internet access with FWi:

• Pay as you go Internet Access
• Unmetered Internet Access packages – find the package that’s right for you
• 5 email addresses per account – your
• 10MB of free web space – create your own pages on the Internet
• A comprehensive range help and advice options
• Free access to the online agricultural community

As well as providing you access to the Internet, Farmers Weekly Interactive (FWi) is dedicated to providing you with agricultural information and management tools for the farming community, both in the UK and around the world.

Member services

The following links enable existing and internet access account holders to access a growing range of member services

My account

Manage your Internet account whenever you want to. Just log in with your email address and password and:
  • Add an email address
  • Edit the details of your emails
  • View your monthly account
  • Access online support
  • Change your package or payment details

Click here to access the ‘My Account’ service

Access your email from any PC with internet access by logging in at Take a note of this address to access your email when using a different PC
Click here to view your email account(s)

As a Farmersweekly interactive internet member you can now take advantage of 10MB of free web space that you can use for personal purposes. Simply click on the link below, you will then be asked for your internet account username and password for fast and secure access to you web space.
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Support lines

Technical Support – 0906 6090 933 (calls charged at 60p/minute). Outside office hours ring 0871 424 0102 (calls charged at 60p per minute)

Customer support – 0871 424 0102 – charged at national rate

Online Support

Click here to access the ‘My Account’ service to submit your question to the technical support team or the billing department.

Click here for technical support

Below is a chronological help article from 2007 for users who have had problems accessing their Breathe internet accounts: 


Internet Access Update: 10am 24th April 2007


Dear Users,


Following consultations with Breathe, we have created the following step-by-step guide that will enable both and email users to access their emails through webmail:


Email packages such as Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express that use  POP accounts should be capable of picking up recently sent emails as normal.




Please go to and click on ‘Mail’ at the top of the page to enter the webmail facility. Next enter your full email address and password. This will log you onto webmail. IF YOU’RE UNABLE TO LOG INTO WEBMAIL, PLEASE CONTACT BREATHE CUSTOMER SUPPORT 0871 424 0102 TO CHECK YOUR PASSWORD.


Once you have logged in to webmail you may see a link stating ‘Fetch existing IMAP mail’ on the left hand pane.  Please note that this links to the previous system and will transfer across any emails users may have had on the system. Please note this will not affect all users and generally only those that predominantly used webmail for their email.


breath 2


When users log in they may find they only have a few emails- from the migration on the 4th April to present. Due to the hardware issues we faced the majority of emails will have been bounced back to the senders. The above link will not pull across email from during this period.


Once users have logged onto the webmail facility all other emails should be delivered to your email system as normal. (N.B. Webmail enables you to log into your email from any computer with web access).


If problems persist: 


If having accessed the webmail facility your normal email system (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) still does not pick up emails (try having a test message sent to you) then please check the settings on the email system as follows:


Open Outlook then select Tools from the top menu then select Accounts , next Main accounts, and then Settings


If your email address ends in check that the Incoming Mail Server (POP3) is set to and that the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) is set to (This applies for those using the FW ISP. If you’re using a different ISP, then use service provider’s setting) 


If your email address end with set to and


The screen you are looking for looks like this:


breath 1

Server information


N.B. ‘name’ = your email name.   Enter your email password in the Password box.

If your email ends with use this in place of the shown below.


The Breathe support centre remains busy during this time and they have asked for continued patience over the next few days. If you have sent an email request in via My Account and not received a reply Breathe hope to be able to answer the majority of these over the next few days.


FWi appreciates this has been a very difficult time Breathe account users and would like to thank you for your patience and apologise again for any inconvenience.


If you still have problems accessing your webmail, please contact the Breathe technical support 0906 6090 933

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