Internet name you can rely on

9 November 2001

Internet name you can rely on

LOOKING for a new internet service provider?

Names have come and gone in the volatile on-line information technology market. Agriculture has proved no exception.

But there is a name you can rely on backed by nearly 70 years of farming expertise. Farmers Weekly Interactive provides independent news, business and markets information in the fast changing world of UK, European and world agriculture.

To cut the cost and make it even easier for you to take advantage of key business information on offer, we have our own internet service provider

We provide free internet access backed by three low cost opportunities to benefit from the information on offer. For less than £13 a month you can enjoy unlimited access. Less than £10 a month will provide access during the evening and weekends while less than £5 a month gives afternoon access.

More information on 020-8652 4903 or fax 020-8652 4005 or visit &#42

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