Irish breeders look to Scottish sheep

19 May 1999

Irish breeders look to Scottish sheep

SHEEP breeders in Ireland are looking to flockmasters in the Highlands and Islands for the best techniques for managing sheep, reports The Herald.

The newspaper says Irish farmers are particularly keen to stock up with sheep free from enzootic abortion (EAE).

The Irish farmers have contacted officials of the Highlands and Islands Sheep Health Association (HISHA), the paper says.

Sheep exported into the Republic must come either from a maedi vidna (MV) accredited flock or one sampled to equivalent status.

Sheep must also come from a flock monitored for scrapie under the Scottish Office scheme.

There is no requirement for scrapie monitoring on sheep exported to Northern Ireland.

But sheep must come from either MV accredited flocks or the importer must obtain special dispensation from the Northern Ireland authorities.

  • The Herald 19/05/99 page 25

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