Irrigation pipe laying now easier and safer

28 December 2001

Irrigation pipe laying now easier and safer

LAYING tightly coiled irrigation pipe is a difficult, time-consuming and possibly dangerous operation, insists Steve Hick International.

The Bath-based company now makes a range of irrigation pipe trailers designed to make the operation safer and easier to carry out.

Included in the range are three models capable of holding and laying 100m of 180mm diameter pipe, 100m of 160mm and 100m of 90mm hose respectively.

For larger projects, models can be built to handle 500m of 63mm diameter pipe – or a two reel model is available with each holding 100m of 90mm hose.

In operation, the trailer straddles the pre-dug trench and is towed forward while coiled pipe is unravelled in a controlled fashion from the central reel with the aid of rollers.

For safety, the coil is retained within a steel cage, and a back clamp is designed to prevent the drum from rewinding.

During transport and storage, Steve Hick says the outer end of the pipe is firmly secured, while the inner end is clamped by straps.

Galvanised in construction, the larger trailers can be loaded with coiled pipe using a crane, while smaller models can be loaded manually.

Price for the largest trailer is £6000 and all models are available for hire. &#42

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