Is feed wheat right way?

4 July 1997

Is feed wheat right way?

THINK again before planting standard feed wheats from hedge to hedge this autumn, and start working towards farm assurance criteria, too.

Those were the messages for farmers at the 50 year celebrations of Grain Harvesters, a centralised 40,000t store, near Dover, Kent, last week.

"No intervention for lower quality wheats and only a feed market to supply at home limits the market for the purely feed types," warned Barclay Forrest, chairman of British Cereal Exports. "Access to other wheat markets will depend on producing quality."

But growers will also have to opt for quality assurance if they are to maintain access to those premium markets, he predicted. "We have just sent two wheat shipments to Finland under the Scottish Quality Cereals scheme. That would not have happened without the endorsement of quality and traceability." &#42

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