Is this what they mean by under control?

20 March 2001

Is this what they mean by under control?

I CAN not believe Nick Brown saying that the foot-and-mouth outbreak is under control.

Iis he mad, or just simply living on another planet?

Today alone there are a total of 12 more outbreaks in the country, and he also states that all the cases are linked to the original case.

There have been two cases in Wales not linked – one in Powys and the other in North Wales.

I came across six dead ewes dumped in a ditch only last week, and we also found six ewes roaming the road, some of them with blue spray around their mouths.

It took the authorities 36 hours to collect them and then destroy them – why so long?

Who knows why these ewes had been dumped – and they were dumped, as they had not escaped from any local farm around here.

We did a check on all the local farms and none of then had the same sheep or markings.

This is just some of the things that we see every week and a lot of people think that just because the foot-and-mouth isnt around here, then we are safe from it.

They seem to be very relaxed about it and they dont seem to use disinfectant.

I have seen several farms and other places where there are livestock allowing anyone to walk and drive in and out.

This is madness – we all must do everything that we can to stop foot-and-mouth.

Its no good saying “Oh well, its not in this area.” Carry on like this and it soon will be.

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