21 November 1997


LATEST Canadian sire proofs see the first Dutch bull enter the top 10 ranked on lifetime profitability.

Delta Cleitus Jabot, the second bull to receive a Canadian proof – the first being Sunny Boy – is ranked at number 10 with an LPI of 1745. Jabot shares the number one spot for protein in Canada with Megabuck and Superstar and is second behind Rudolph on total economic value. But as for conformation, his Canadian score is low at -3, and he has a fore udder score of only -9, says Semex geneticist Jo Bellamy.

Top of the LPI rankings for the fifth time in succession is still the Aerostar son Rudolph with an LPI of 2209 and conformation at +14. He is leader again for the total economic value index – and has a UK ITEM of £111. Close behind him are more Aerostar sons Megabuck and Aeroline.

Up from 10th to fourth position is the Raider son ComestarLee, who has improved in allproduction traits, says Ms Bellamy. Lee has an LPI of 1846 and +14 for conformation.

Highest newcomer is Top Gun, a maternal brother to Lee by Exranco Thor. His LPI is 1708 and conformation score +8.

Number one for milk in Canada is the US bull Tango – but Luke, also from the US, fares less well and drops 162 LPI points, moving down from fourth to 14th.

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