Jabot knocked off top by Sunny Boy effect

21 February 1997

Jabot knocked off top by Sunny Boy effect

LATEST sire proofs from Holland see former number one sire Delta Cleitus Jabot drop to eighth place with the addition of substantial second crop daughters to his February proof.

Dutch geneticists attribute the fall, down £16 PIN to £112, to the "Sunny Boy" effect, a dip in performance caused by short lactation records records-in-progress (RIP).

Jabot added 4369 second-crop daughters to his proof, their average lactation length was 100 days. Those make it difficult to predict 305-day production, claim Dutch geneticists.

They are confident the bull will return to his former production level as his daughters complete their first lactations.

Top Dutch sire ranked on PIN is Labelle (BL) at £128, the top bull alongside Jabot in September. Close behind him in the rankings are four Sunny Boy sons – Cash, Milton, Royal, and Loveletter – all over 500 on INET (Dutch economic index) or over £115 PIN.

Bellman son Celsius moves up from fifth to third position.

Highest climber in this run is the Southwind son Holim Stans Tornedo. Moving from £86 to £112 PIN he takes seventh place.

Top newcomer on PIN is the Vic Kai son Etazon Noah, out of a Cleitus cow from the same family as Mountain, and said to have medium sized daughters with shallow udders.

This latest run brings Hollands first Mascot sons, and the highest are Etazon Lorentz and Knockout, both out of Cleitus cows.

Etazon Knockout is a calving ease sire and touted as being the most promising of the two. He has the higher type score at 109 against Lorentzs 102. Both bulls have £110 PIN.n

Top 10 Dutch sires ranked on PIN index (Feb 1997)

NameUK relMilkFatFatProteinProteinPIN


Etazon Labelle (BL)661,12741-0.0634-0.02128

Eastland Cash6995638-0.02320.02122

Etazon Celsius661,10031-0.1934-0.02121

String Milton701,08638-0.0832-0.03120

Zandenburger Royal68704400.18280.08116

Delta Loveletter69769390.12290.06116

Holim Stans Tornedo67748350.08280.06112

Delta Cleitus Jabot7193132-0.08300.00112

Delta Luxemburg701,03029-0.1831-0.03111

Etazon Meadow6882829-0.07290.04111

*All foreign proofs converted to UK PTA95 equivalents using latest Interbull conversion.

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