JD adds SE version to 6010s

10 July 1998

JD adds SE version to 6010s

By Andy Collings

JOHN Deere has introduced SE versions of 4-cylinder members of its 6010 tractor range, and introduced a 75hp model designated the 6010 SE.

The result is a five-model, mid-specification range aimed at those who require a tractor for general operations such as loader work, trailer haulage or grassland farming. Power availability spans the 75hp to 105hp bracket, with each model offered with a choice of standard or low profile cab and in two or four-wheel drive versions.

As with other John Deere tractors, the design comprises the companys frame-build with an independently mounted engine. The engine itself is a JD PowerTech 4.5-litre block, which is claimed to be capable of meeting future US and EU emission regulations.

Depending on model, there is a choice of four transmission types. The power reverser transmission provides 16 forward and reverse gears in 18.5mph or 25mph versions, while the PowerQuad transmission is available in 18.5mph and 23.5mph versions offering 16 forward and reverse ratios with four powershift gears and a reverser.

The range is equipped with a load sensing hydraulic system and boasts maximum lift capacities at the hitch points from 4067kg to 5362kg.

Changes to the cab have resulted, it is claimed, in a brighter interior and includes a full length roof hatch, adjustable seat and optional air conditioning. &#42

John Deere 6010 SE series

Model Hp Transmission Price 4WD

6010 SE 75 16 x 16 £29,344

6110 SE 80 16 x 16 £30,564

6210 SE 90 16 x 16 £32,683

6310 SE 100 16 x 16 £34,680

6410 SE 105 16 x 16 £37,891

Options include standard or low profile cab.

Latest arrival in the John Deere camp is the 75hp, 6010SE which becomes the "baby" of the new five-model 6010 SE range.

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