Jim Bullock

15 May 1998

Jim Bullock

Jim Bullock farms 283ha

(700 acres) in partnership

with his parents and brother

at Mill Farm, Guarlford,

Malvern, Worcs. Two-thirds

is rented or contract farmed,

the rest owned. Cropping is

winter wheat, winter oilseed

rape and winter beans

WHILE writing my previous Farmer Focus article, I had not appreciated just how hard it was raining.

In just 24 hours 75mm (3in) fell flooding most of our land. Wet and windy weather since has made fieldwork very erratic. At least we have been able to get the IACs form in early, so I hope we will be in the first batch to be paid.

We had plenty of time to prepare both materially and mentally for our Assured Combinable Crops Scheme inspection, which took place at the beginning of May. I think we have been accepted, but until we have had the letter I am not committing myself.

It has not been a season for taking large amounts of chemical into stock, as we have had to change our programme nearly on a daily basis. We have been collecting from our distributor only as much as we know we can apply in the following few hours.

The main change has been to the wheat pgr programme. We planned to use a split application of chlormequat, followed by a low dose of Terpal (2-chloroethylphoshonic acid + mepiquat chloride) on the varieties more likely to lodge, such as Rialto. But we have had to use Terpal on most crops, having missed second chlormequats or not got anything on before GS33.

All wheats are showing signs of septoria, so they have either been treated with 0.5 litres/ha of Silvacure (tebuconazole + triademenol) or 0.5 litres/ha of Sanction (flusilazole) where eyespot was present. This should take us to GS37/39 when we will have to decide where to use our allocation of Strobilurins, probably on Hereward first wheats.

Apex rape is now in full flower and shows no sign of disease. Pollen beetles have disappeared, so with luck no further money will be spent on the crop. But chocolate spot in beans will need treating as the weather warms up.

Hopefully this store will be full of assured grain next harvest, says Jim Bullock, following the farms Assured Combineable Crop Scheme inspection earlier this month.

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