Just great for high DM

21 November 1997

Just great for high DM

THERES nothing new about ultra-wide self-propelled mowers – Bucks firm Agrimech had one years ago. But the arrival of Krones Big M and Deutzs Grasant, aimed largely at Continental farmers making high DM – typically above 30% – suggests the genre could be about to undergo something of a revival.

The Grasant mows, conditions and then either swaths or spreads grass, giving adjustable conditioning from the cab and a swath that is claimed to be more rain-proof than that of a conventional mower-conditioner. Swath width is adjustable from 1.6m (5.2ft) to 5m (16.4ft) and several machines have been sold in Germany.

UK contractors and grass drying firms are said to be interested in the technique too and a machine has been undergoing trials in the UK during the summer and autumn.

With a 6.4m (21ft) cut width, 260hp engine and ability to fold down to 3m (10ft) width for transport, it could be a useful tool for those wanting to match mower outputs to those of big balers and self-propelled foragers.

However a likely UK price of £110,000-125,000 will probably restrict its use to contractors and the very largest farmers.n

Self-propelled mowing with the 6.4m (21ft) Deutz Grasant.

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