Keep trailers, tools, ATVs and diesel locked away

RISK DRIVES the cost of insurance. Farmers and landowners should look at risk across the board, and not just focus on public liability with the opening of CROW access land, says Elaine Pyke, chief executive of broker network FarmWeb.

Farm security should be appraised whether you have access land or not. Good basic security procedures include locking buildings where tools and ATVs are stored, using security lighting in yards, trip beam alarms at farm gateways, locking vehicles and removing keys, says Mrs Pyke.

As well as being aware of the likely theft targets such as trailers, ATVs, power tools and electric fencing, consider security of diesel and other tanks which could be left to run unless locked. No-smoking signs in yards and buildings are another sensible precaution, while stiles and sprung gates reduce the risk of stock straying, says Mrs Pyke.

Check public liability cover and ensure limit of liability is sufficient.

Clear signage is important if you are carrying out an activity which could result in danger; for example, moving stock, pesticide application, tree surgery.

Keep any dangerous substances such as sprays, chemicals and diesel locked.

Ensure farm machinery is not left near access areas.

Maintain gates, fences, stiles in good condition.

Ensure signage is clear and visible to avoid the public wandering on to “non-access land”.