Kennels gift for problem dogs

16 January 1998

Kennels gift for problem dogs

THE gift of £250,000 from an anonymous donor has enabled Border Collie Trust GB to purchase boarding kennels in Staffordshire.

This will enable BCT to provide individual care for the many problem dogs that it homes each year, says BCT chairman Jenny Harvey. It will also provide a long term future for dogs that, without the trusts help, would be destroyed.

"We aim to provide a quality option for the old, the difficult and the boisterous youngsters that were bred to work and whose only crime is they have an instinct to chase," she says.

Fund-raising continues to enable volunteers to refurbish and extend the accommodation.

BCT makes a commitment for life to the dogs it takes in. New keepers may call on BCT for assistance and dogs can be returned at any time. Dogs are not re-homed if there are any doubts about physical condition or behaviour and no puppies are homed under seven weeks of age.

Inquiries Border Collie Trust GB, Rescue Centre, Heath Way, Narrow Lane, Colton, near Rugeley, Staffs WS15 3LY (01889-577058).

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