Kerb mixes still have useful role

7 December 2001

Kerb mixes still have useful role

TANK-MIXES of Kerb (propyzamide) with either Falcon (propaquizafop) or Laser (cycloxydim) can be applied up until Feb 1, providing useful control of herbicide resistant blackgrass, says supplier Interfarm.

"Kerb can be used in oilseed rape from now up until Feb 1, but growers must make sure good ground coverage can still be achieved in advanced crops of oilseed rape," says Interfarm technical manager David Stormonth.

Higher water rates and run-off from wet oilseed rape plants can help the herbicide reach the soil surface. "Kerb is not particularly rainfast on the crop and good control of blackgrass has been observed in trials, even when applied late in the season, up to the end of January." &#42

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