7 September 2001


In a couple of weeks the NAC will host the European Dairy Farming Event in Warwickshire. The industrys key event of the year is well known for an opportunity to catch up with the latest developments and a few colleagues.

Many will question their attendance this year due to foot-and-mouth. But those reassured by the disinfection procedures in place at the show and able to ensure they leave the farm with clean cars and clothing, will have the first opportunity to meet up in many months. Car undersides will be sprayed with disinfectant and mats for people will also be in place.

If you can make it to the show, be sure to check out the Spotlight on Profit forums. The four sessions, detailed in this Update, promise to offer some interesting debates once again this year.

For more details of what will be on offer at the event, check next weeks farmers weekly Dairy Event supplement. And if you cant make it, the highlights will follow in our Sep 21 and Sep 28 issues.

The event is also bound to feature a few new gadgets on which to invest this years hard-earned profit. But before getting out the cheque-book, it may help to check out the EU milk price outlook report in this Update.

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