Known level of antibodies for scour protection

28 January 2000

Known level of antibodies for scour protection

CALVES can now receive a guaranteed dose of antibodies against some of the main causes of scour with the first licensed colostrum antibody supplement.

Available through vets, Locatim contains guaranteed levels of antibodies against E coli F5, rotavirus and coronavirus, said Vétoquinol vet Mark Leddy, speaking at a press launch in London, last week.

"It is the first licensed colostrum supplement, with trial results verified by the European Medicines Authority and Vet Medicines Directive in the UK," he added.

The supplement is produced from cows which are frequently vaccinated against the diseases, boosting their antibody levels. Milk from the first two milkings is collected, rapidly frozen then blended, filtered and concentrated. It is then sterilised and put into 60ml bottles which can be stored in the fridge, and have a shelf life of 21 months after manufacture.

Calves requiring colostrum – either through shortage of or poor quality colostrum – should be given a 60ml dose preferably within the first four hours of life, but not later than 12 hours after birth, said Mr Keddy. The supplement can be given neat or dilute in milk or milk replacer.

"It is proven to reduce deaths from neonatal diarrhoea. But it must be given alongside normal colostrum or an energy source such as glucose, as it does not contain energy supplies."

Available from vets, Locatim will cost £14-£20 a dose. Mr Keddy added that calves could be selected for treatment by their value, reducing costs compared with vaccinating cattle against the major causes of scours. &#42

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