Krone adds crop chop

21 February 1997

Krone adds crop chop

THOSE wishing to make high density silage bales will want to know that Krones Big Pack 80×80 and 120×80 balers can now be fitted with a crop chopping assembly.

Located behind the pick-up, within the balers crop feed chamber, the MultiCut unit comprises a bank of revolving knives designed to produce chop lengths from 9cm-4.5cm (3.5in-1.75in). Variation in chop length is controlled by altering the number of knives in use – the operator uses a hand lever – and, if required, all the knives can be retracted for chop-free baling.

Features include a scroll-pattern knife layout to reduce power requirement, an automatic breakaway for foreign object protection and hydraulic disengagement to clear crop blockages.

Price of a Big Pack 80×80 baler complete with MultiCut is £62,750. A similarly equipped 120 x 80 has a list price of £72,000. &#42

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