Krone marks its marriage with four new balers

19 August 1997

Krone marks its marriage with four new balers

By Andy Collings

KRONE has added four new round balers to its machinery line-up – two fixed chamber and two variable chamber models, all of which can be specified to run on tandem axles if required.

It is a move which coincides with Amazone and Krone becoming officially linked – each company retaining its independence in terms of product range, but each benefiting from shared facilities at Harworth, Doncaster.

Available in limited numbers for the 98 season, the fixed chamber Round Pack (RP) and variable chamber Vario Pack (VP) balers retain many of the features of Krones existing balers, but also add some new innovations.

In terms of bale size, the RP1250 and RP1550 produce bales with 1.2m (3.9ft) and 1.5m (4.9ft) diameters respectively, while the VP1500 and VP1800 produce bales with diameters from 1m to 1.5m (3.3 to 4.9ft) and 1m to 1.8m (3.3 to 5.9ft), respectively.

Starting at the front, all models can be equipped with either a 1.6m (5.2ft) or 1.95m (6.4ft) wide pick-up – the pick-ups are galvanized and employ five-tine reels.

Once on board, the crop is passed into the chamber by a spiral feed, where Krones chain and elevator system forms the bale.

Versions fitted with a crop chopping system – MC models – are equipped with a stronger spiral feed system due to the need to force the crop through 17 static knives to produce a theoretical chop length, of 6.4cm (2.5in).

Where a longer length is required a lever on the side of the baler is used to lower set numbers of blades – all blades out, seven in, 15 in (all but the outer two) and all 17 in work.

Drive for the balers passes from the pto and cam-type clutch to a gearbox incorporated in the machines main frame, a design claimed to result in a stronger build and simplify the drive to the elevator and the pick-up.

Net wrap, twine or net wrap/twine machines are available. In all cases the wrapping or twine tying sequence is initiated electrically – the operator presses a button which activates an electric motor to push down an idler pulley into a drive position.

Included in the standard specification for variable chamber and optional for fixed chamber models is an automatic lubrication system for chain drives. Maintenance is also made simpler on all models through the use of central greasing points.

Price of the RP1250 starts at £15,750, while the VP1800MC complete with hydraulically braked tandem axles, carries a list price of £29,885.

Krones Vario Pack 1800 delivers a 1.8m diameter bale. Note the use of tandem wheels – not over-used in this straw field but could be essential when making silage bales of this size.

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