Kverneland moves into

25 December 1998

Kverneland moves into

non-powered tackle

THE continuing drive by arable farmers to reduce establishment costs has led Kverneland to enter the non powered sector of the cultivator/drill combination market.

It comes in with its 3m (9ft 10in) and 4m (13ft 10in) KLA models, which utilise a 1250-litre capacity Accord pneumatic seeder unit.

On both models this is mounted on a cultivator frame carrying a leading bank of 20mm diameter tines. These can be fitted with either normal points or knife points and their working depth is adjustable by means of a turnbuckle or optional hydraulic cylinders.

Secondary cultivations are by two banks of 16mm tines, which work at an adjustable angle to consolidate the soil and push stones downwards, rather than bringing them to the surface.

Seed-bed consolidation and levelling is by a tandem packer roller, which regulates the operating depth of the entire machine.

It also carries two banks of 16mm seeding tines and is attached to the rear of the cultivator frame by a floating hitch to allow contour following and the sowing depth to be maintained.

For those wanting increased output, both drill widths are available as the KLA Combi. With the 4m version and working speed of up to 10kph, output is quoted as being up to 4ha (10 acres)/hr.

In this form, additional grain is carried in a 1000 litre front hopper, with material being transferred to the seeder unit by a pto or hydraulically driven fan.

Depending on specification, the assembly adds from £8495 to the price of a basic grain only model.

The KLA Combi can also be used as a combined grain and fertiliser unit, when the latter is carried in the drills rear hopper and applied through 16mm replaceable point tines.

These are fitted in place of the second bank of cultivator tines and are depth adjustable from 20 – 50mm, to enable fertiliser to be placed deeper than the seed.


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