Labour craven over BSE-risk imports

22 December 2000

Labour ‘craven’ over BSE-risk imports

By FWi staff

MINISTERS are adopting a “craven” approach to the safety implications of the BSE crisis in Europe, claims Tory agriculture spokesman Tim Yeo.

In Agriculture Questions at the House of Commons, Mr Yeo expressed concerns for British consumers who may eat infected imported beef.

He said ministers had incorrectly said meat products from animals over 30 months old were not allowed, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Earlier this week, Government BSE advisors expressed concerns that processed products from older imported cattle can legally be sold in the UK.

Mr Yeo asked: “Will you now admit that food from potentially BSE infected imported over 30 months old, cattle may indeed have been and still be sold to British consumers?”

Junior agriculture minister Joyce Quin said: “If we followed your example we would end up being isolated in Europe on this issue instead of having the rest of the EU on our side.”

  • The Daily Telegraph 22 December 2000 page 12

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