Labour MP plans food by direct mail-order

07 September 1998

Labour MP plans food by direct mail-order

A LABOUR MP is trying to set up a nationwide network of producers with high welfare and production standards to supply consumers with food by mail-order.

Huddersfields Barry Sheerman – who is also chairman of the networking for industry committee which draws together buyers and sellers in industry – said: “There is a huge mail-order industry working to next-day delivery commitments. So why cant it be done with food?”

The group has been provisionally called the Proper Food Network – but Mr Sheerman is keen for producers to think up a different name if they feel the name is inappropriate.

“The aim is to create a database of consumers and food producers to draw the two ends of the chain together which should benefit both,” Mr Sheerman explained.

“The database already contains thousands of names and we plan to promote the scheme with a national advertising campaign soon,” he added.

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