Ladies day for beef with eight out of twelve…

26 June 1998

Ladies day for beef with eight out of twelve…

By Robert Davies

UNLIKE Royal Ascot, most of the hats at the Three Counties show at Malvern, Worcs, were for protection from heavy rain, but in the beef cattle judging it was certainly ladies day.

Females took eight of the 12 breed championships and stood as supreme interbreed champion and reserve.

Top spot went to British Charolais Mowbray Gigi exhibited by Mortimers Farms, Hants. South Devon Broad Oak Dewberry 8, a five-year-old cow from the Groveside Herd in Gloucs was runner-up.

The views of exhibitors are to be sought on generally disappointing cattle entries, but numbers in no way diminished the achievement of the Jones family from Monmouthshire. On her first outing since taking the top accolade at the 1997 Royal Show, their four year old Holstein Friesian picked up the supreme black-and-white championship, and went on to stand at dairy interbreed champion for the second successive year.

Shown by David Jones on behalf of his parents and wife Claire, Highwells Broker Jackie 3 produced 11,000 litres at 3.7% butterfat and 3.2% protein in her second lactation. Judge John Morely from Whitby, Yorks, described her as nearly perfect.

Ace showman Richard Powell, of Welshpool, took the interbreed sheep award for the second time in three years with the outstanding Kerry Hill ram that has picked up a cabinet full of awards. In doing so he pushed a shearling ewe entry from Mary Tullochs British Charollais flock into reserve.

After one downpour the marquee housing the pigs was flooded. By then classes were completed and one of the show circuits more unusual exhibitors had collected more awards. Nick Hargrave, who retained only one sow when he sold his pedigree British Saddleback herd at Christmas, saw her take the breed championship and top classes for coloured breeds.


Interbreed T B D & C Joness Holstein Friesian Highwells Broker Jackie 3rd; res, A Craigs Ayrshire Blackrock Honesty 85th.

British Holstein/Holstein Friesian T B D & C Joness Highwells Broker Jackie 3rd; res, M A & R A Bowns Newbuckenham Marina 67.

Ayrshire A Craigs Blackrock Honesty 85th; res, C Windows Hunnington Fragy 4.

Jersey Mrs E Wynnes Cherrybrook Mendolssohns Liquo; res, Penjari Jerseys Nincwd Yoldands Gemma.


Interbreed Mr & Mrs D S Hays Gloucester bull Faranford Jethro; res, &#42 Woltons Red Poll bull &#42 Wolton QC.

Gloucester Mr & Mrs D S Hays bull Faranford Jethro; res, Mr & Mrs D S Hays heifer Faranford Estelle.

Red Poll &#42 Woltons bull Wolton QC; res, Mrs M V Dawess heifer Hinwick Kestrel.

Dexter Messrs Munn & Bolturas cow Knotting Conrdasat 3rd; res, Mr and Mrs M J Bancrofts Moonshire Serenu.


Interbreed Mortiners Farm Ltds British Charolais cow Mowbray Gigi; res W &#42 D Scotts South Devon cow Broad Oak Dewberry 8th.

Hereford Mrs B Friths bull Brodnyk 1 Nuckleduster; res, C Richardss bull Lowerhope 1 Napolean.

Aberdeen Angus Glympton Farms Ltds cow Castle of Mey Etrilla 15th; res, C J Hutchingss bull Lindale Laser.

Devon Richard Colwill & Sons bull Dingle Unique Tresspasser; res, Richard Colwill & Sons cow Dingle Cherry 9th.

South Devon W &#42 D Scotts cow Broad Oak Dewberry 8th; res, W &#42 D Scotts bull E T Asdig Concorde 5th.

British Charolais Mortimers Farms Ltds cow Mowbray Gigi; res, Baggrave Farm Ltds bull Baggrave Landman.

Longhorn Mrs P Quinns Cow Harford Penny 85; res, J S & J W Briggs bull Rousham Trumpeter.

British Simmental Boddington Estates Ltds heifer Sterling Ginger; res, Charles Clarkes bull Fressingfield Hardy.

Murray Grey M M Rosenbergs bull Ashrose Gatling; res, D Wildensteins bull Craig Ezra.

British Limousin J Deers heifer Rivermead Libertie; res, C J Hutchingss bull Newsham Garfield.

Blonde dAquitaine A R Harriss heifer Fovant Maybe; res, G B Harpers bull Bradnock Nathan.

British Belgian Blue Barber and Brindleys bull Alambic; res, Mrs J R Wyllies heifer Olalla.

Highland Mrs & Mrs G G Hedges heifer Tessa 1st of the Kiln; res, &#42 A L Dawess Lord Ruadh of Craycombe.


Interbreed coloured N J Hargraves British Saddleback sow Aintcliffe Rosette; res, Mrs V Millss Tamworth sow Gillhouse Melody 2.

Interbreed white P M Fowlies Large White boar Braemor King David; res, N L G Hunkins Middle White sow Westham Alma Rose 25.

Gloucester Old Spot T Osbournes sow Blaisdon Josephine 18; res, G &#42 & E M Styless boar Highways Patrick.

Middle White N L G Hunkins sow Westham Alma Rose 25; res, T Altys boar Marshlands Captain 19.

Berkshire Mrs C A Webbs sow Caumpdene Royal Saphire 12; res, Mrs S Barnfields gilt Kilcot Excelsa.

British Saddleback N J Hargraves sow Aintcliffe Rosette; res, D R and B C Houlstons gilt Gillbeck Lottie.

Tamworth Mrs Viki Millss sow Gillhouse Melody 2; res, Ms K M Piles female Cranbrook Ruby.

Large Black B J & M V Cards sow Westham Maid 77; res, T Altys sow Marshlands Bess 4.


Interbreed R & R Powells Kerry Hill ram; res Mrs M Tullochs British Charollais ewe.

Interbreed Terminal sire breeds Mrs M Tullochs British Charollais ewe; res, D Bishops Beltex ewe.

Interbreed other breeds R & R Powells Kerry Hill ram; res, S Garbutt-Johnss Leicester Longwool ram.

Beltex D Bishops ewe; res, &#42 S Frazier & Sons yearling ram.

Berrichon du Cher Mr & Mrs D G Hazelbys yearling ram; res, Mr and Mrs &#42 M Shakespeares ewe lamb.

British Bleu du Maine P Taits ram lamb; res, P Taits yearling ewe.

British Charollais Mrs M Tullochs ewe; res, P Taits yearling ewe.

Dorset Down Mr & Mrs J G Fowlers yearling ewe; res, Mr & Mrs J G Fowlers ram lamb.

Hampshire Down C J Parkinsons yearling ram; res, Mr and Mrs M & L Niemans ram lamb.

Oxford Down M C Hacklings ram lamb; res, G Watson & Mrs C Grains ewe lamb.

Rouge De LOuest P Taits yearling ewe; res, J &#42 Bowles & Partners ram lamb.

Shropshire Mrs M Farquars pen of ewes; res, J &#42 Bowles and Partners yearling ram.

Suffolk L F & V A Pilliners ram lamb; res, L F & V A Pilliners ewe lamb.

Texel C S Ponting & Cos yearling ram; res, A Bishops ewe lamb.

Vendeen A C Spencers ewe lamb; res, C J Vernon-Millers yearling ram.

Badger Face Welsh Mountain B Lugsdens ewe; res, Mr P J Balls shearling ewe.

Black Welsh Mountain Mrs P Lawss ram; res, Mrs J Patterson and Mrs C Daniels ram.

Clun Forest T R Eckley & Sons ram; res, S R Harriss yearling ewe.

Cotswold S and L V Gibbings ram; res, Shakespeare Birthplace Trusts shearling ewe.

Dorset Horn and Poll Dorset Mrs P Lawss shearling ewe; res, Mrs P Lawss ram lamb.

Jacob Mr and Mrs D Partridges ram; res, Mr and Mrs Rushbookes ewe.

Kerry Hill R and R Powells ram; res, Miss Y M Kershaws ewe.

Leicester Longwool S Garbutt-Johns ram; res, L L Parsonss ewe.

Lincoln Longwool C M Higgins ram; res, N Spences ewe.

Lleyn L Organs ewe lamb; res, N &#42 & P M Baseleys ram.

Ryeland Group Mrs A Turner; res, Mrs A Turner

Highwells Broker Jackie 3, shown by David Jones, was supreme black-and-white champion and dairy interbreed champion for the second time.

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