Lamb prices on the up

By FWi staff

FINISHED lamb prices now look as if they have bottomed out and are now back on the road to recovery. Prices improved at markets throughout England and Wales yesterday (Monday) for the second week running.

Last weeks prices were good but this week prices had improved yet again, said John Wilson of Congleton Market, Cheshire. “We had a number of good samples through which butchers are prepared to pay that bit more for,” he said. Mr Wilson commented that a major factor towards this recovery was the recent slump in the value of the Pound.

Premium lambs achieved prices as high as 92p/kg while prime lambs ranged between 74-84p/kg. The lowest price seen during the day was 70p/kg.

Taunton market had the largest entry of breeding ewes seen so far this Autumn. An increase in the number of prospective purchasers was attributed to firmer prices with Scotch halfbreds rising to £51.50.

Across the board slight lambs inched up 0.49p/kg to 56.75p/kg at markets throughout England and Wales. Standard lambs saw a sizeable increase, climbing 2.21p to 57.94p/kg. Medium lambs did well rising 3.82p to 76.31ppl while heavy lambs had the biggest rise to 74.82p/kg.

However, standard old stock made no improvement this week plummeting a further 38p to just 30p/kg.

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