Lamb producers urged to take action

26 August 1998

Lamb producers urged to take action

LAMB producers must take action now if they are to avoid repeating last years steep autumn fall in the values of prime lamb, said Don Curry, the chairman of the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC).

He said there was currently a “very serious position” in the red meat sector. “I am very concerned that prices do not follow last years pattern,” he said.

The Scottish kill between April and July stands at just over 450,000 head, compared to 654,000 last year. Two years ago some 670,000 were slaughtered.

Mr Curry said: “If we see a huge increase in numbers shortly there will be high penalties for those that are either under-finished or over fat. They must hit the market specification.”

Mr Curry had a similar message for beef.

On pigs, the MLC is in contact with all the major multiple and catering outlets and has requested information on their buying policies.

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