Lameness on increase

7 February 1997

Lameness on increase

LAMENESS caused by digital dermatitis is on the increase, according to Shropshire vet Clive Norrell.

Some of these cases may have resulted from a reluctance to footbath in the recent cold spell, allowing the disease to build up, he adds.

"Digital dermatitis tends to occur in younger and bought-in animals during the winter when cows are in slurry," says Mr Norrell. "Older cows seem to get an immunity to the bug."

He advises a single treatment through an antibiotic footbath, having first cleaned the cows feet in a water-filled footbath or with a hose.

"To reduce the risk of spread try to avoid build-up of old slurry and use plenty of straw in yards to eliminate wet areas," he says.n

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