LAMMAjoins premiership with two millennial records

28 January 2000

LAMMAjoins premiership with two millennial records

Year on year the LAMMA

show becomes larger and

larger. This year set new

records in both the number

of exhibitors and visitors.

Andy Collings and

Andy Moore report

LAMMA 2000, the Lincolnshire Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Associations annual machinery event, started this years round of UK shows in style. With over 200 exhibitors and a record visitor attendance the status of the event has been elevated into the big league.

And, as could be expected on such an occasion, several manufacturers chose the event to launch new products.

Lynx Engineering displayed a new front linkage operating system which enables the rams operating the lift arms to be operated in single or double acting mode.

The ability to provide a down force for the linkage, says the company, opens up a whole new use for front end operations.

Changing from one mode to the other is achieved by setting the oil flow with two diverter taps.

The system also allows the linkage to be locked off in any required position.

Lynx also revealed a new front pto controller – an in-cab monitor which displays the speed of the pto and a "soft start" dial.

Bearing in mind that not all – if any – pto-powered implements are happy with instant power, the dial can be set to provide a gentle, crunch-free start.

Key to this system is the electro-magnetic clutch between the engine tailshaft drive and the pto, which gradually feeds in the power at a rate set on the dial.

A choice of single- or double-acting cylinders for Lynx Engineerings front linkage.

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