Landowners urged to throw of staid image

20 March 1998

Landowners urged to throw of ‘staid’ image

THE Scottish Landowners Federation has called on members to throw off their “staid image” and adopt a more business like approach.

Andrew Dingwall-Fordyce, the federations convenor, told the organisations north east region in Aberdeen, landowners had a huge task to educate the public. He said there was a need to stress why care was needed in gaining access to farmland at certain times of the year such as stalking or lambing.

He confirmed the federation had resumed talks with the Scottish National Farmers Union on tenancy reform.

Professor Jeff Maxwell, director of the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, said the future for Scottish agriculture would depend on the industrys ability to be efficient and produce commodities that would be capable of competing in the world markets without subsidy. He also said there was scope for the development of alternative livestock productions such as venison.

  • The Scotsman 20/03/98 page 30

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