Late start on wheat in Bedfordshire

16 August 2001

Late start on wheat in Bedfordshire

GORDON REDMAN, who farms at Gravenhurst in Bedfordshire, had expected to be combining wheat by now. He has started combining peas but a shower on Wednesday (15 August) night has slowed them down and hopes to start wheat within two days.

Espace peas have yielded about 3.7t/ha (1.5t/acre). “The sample looks good. I thought they might have gone off colour in the rain. Its the first year weve grown them for a while and considering the spring Im satisfied.” They have combined about half of 20ha (50 acres).

He expects to start Malacca wheat as soon as the moisture falls. “Im worried about the quality. It will be the next crop we go and get.” There is also Claire and Consort on the clay soil farm.

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