Learn how to drive for efficiency and tow safely

3 March 2000

Learn how to drive for efficiency and tow safely

DONT show it, tell it. Two handbooks aimed at educating the agricultural industry make their appearance this week.

From Claas is one entitled Drive for Efficiency* which targets machinery costs and suggests ways of reducing them.

On a slightly less ambitious – but equally important – note, the other one The Essential Towing Handbook** provides those who tow trailers and horseboxes with the latest safety and legal requirements.

The Claas document takes a detailed look at three crop establishment systems – non-ploughing with use of glyphosate and a large cultivator, plough plus cultivator drill, plough plus powerharrow drill combination.

Target costs of under £90, £80 and £70/ha, respectively, can be achieved, says Claas.

*Drive for Efficiency is available from Claas UK by calling 01284-763100.

**The Essential Towing Handbook costs £9.99 and is available from bookshops or from the Stationery Office (tel 0870-600 5522). &#42

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