Lemken output up

11 September 1998

Lemken output up

MORE output with less power is the theory behind Lemken semi- mounting its latest range of power harrow/drill combinations.

"Wide, three-point linkage mounted units need the lift capacity of tractors in the 200-250hp bracket. Semi mounting enables the combination to be operated by lower horse power tractors of around 180hp," says Mervyn Hutton, Tri-Ag managing director.

"An increase in overall operating efficiency and output comes from the ability to move the unit quickly from field-to-field."

The base of the new range is the companys Zirkon power harrow and Solitair 9 pneumatic seed drill, which have been integrated onto a semi-mounted chassis. It is available in four working widths – 4m, 4.5m, 5m and 6m (13, 14.8, 16.4, 19.7ft) – which all fold to 3m (9.8ft) for transport. Seed hopper capacities are 2300 litres. Prices range from £37,412-£47,866.

Tri-Ag is also building on the Lemken implements its offers for non-powered one pass drilling systems. Its Topas is a front or rear-mounted stubble cultivator. There are four models in the range with working widths from 3-4.5m (9.8-14.8ft). Prices start at £2698 and there is a 6m (19.7ft) version in the pipeline.

Next season, Tri-Ag intends to top out its Terradisc range with the introduction of a 10m (32.8ft) and unveil a range of front presses with a working width of 4m-6m. &#42

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