Less pneumonia

10 January 1997

Less pneumonia

with ventilation

PNEUMONIA, caused by both viruses and bacteria, is a concern due to temperature fluctuations this winter, says Tony Andrews.

In cold, damp conditions air movement is low so ventilation in stock buildings must be good to prevent pneumonia. Animals geared to live outside will not feel the cold and need a dry, cold environment, maintains Dr Andrews.

He also claims that vaccination against virus pneumonia is under used. "But you must ensure the virus you have is the one you vaccinate against. In a closed herd that has had a pneumonia outbreak, identify the bugs and vaccinate in the future."

However, when buying in stock it may be more cost effective to wait for a case to develop. The virus causing this case can be identified within 24 hours, so the rest of the group can be vaccinated before they become ill, he says. &#42


&#8226 Decline in fertility.

&#8226 Environmental mastitis.

&#8226 Thin cattle if underfed.

&#8226 Increasing lameness.

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