Less weight but greater height for MFhandlers

19 June 1998

Less weight but greater height for MFhandlers

By Ian Marshall

AGCO is to top and tail its telehandler range, in lift and capacity terms, with the introduction of two models – the MF 8939 and 8926, which have capacities of 3t to 7.11m (23.3ft) and 2.5t to 5.56m (18.2ft), respectively.

The MF 8939 shares the recently introduced 8937s skid unit and three-stage boom, but with 1.9t to 9.46m (31ft) has less capacity to a greater height. It is a similar story for the 8925-based compact 8926, whose two stage boom lifts a lesser 2t payload higher to 6.54m (21ft).

Both new models are powered by a 4-cylinder, turbocharged Perkins 1004 series engine developing 106hp (DIN) – the 8926 is also offered with a naturally aspirated 82hp (DIN) version. A two-speed hydrostatic transmission is standard, as is two-wheel, four-wheel and crab steer.

Price of the MF 8929 is £44,400; that of the 8926 is £36,800, or £35,850 with the less powerful engine.

The company has also announced that its acquisition of Hesston has enabled it to re-enter the conventional rectangular baler market with the MF 139.

Trialled in the UK last year and intended primarily for use in hay and straw, it produces a 30.5cm-35.6cm long (1 – 4.4ft), 35.6cm x 45.7cm (1.2 – 1.6ft) cross-section bale. It is a size for which there is a resurgence in demand from sectors such as the equine market.

A centre line design running directly behind the tractor, the baler has a 1.9m (6.2ft) or 1.8m (5.8ft) pick-up which passes the crop, via an auger and four-tine packer into a pre-packing chamber, before being compressed.

Bale density control is by either hydraulic or spring loaded rail and the shearbolt protected knotters handle sisal or plastic twine fed from six spools.

Demand for conventional rectangular bales from, among others, the equine sector has brought AGCO back into this market with the MF 139 priced at £14,000.

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