Less wrap time & cost

19 May 2000

Less wrap time & cost

A POWERED pre-stretch film dispenser which claims to significantly reduce wrap time and cost has been developed by Tension Technology and Mima Films.

Intended to fit Conor bale wrappers, the PS8000 uses a hydraulically driven roller to pre-stretch film from two 750mm film dispensers by 160%. Conventional stretcher units rely on the bale to pull out the film with 70% pre-stretch.

To enable consistent film delivery, the hydraulic motor on the dispenser is powered by the same oil flow powering the wrapping table motor, so both operating speeds are synchronised.

Advantages for the system, it is claimed, include a faster wrap speed, an increased number of layers for an overall lower cost/bale and an increased tightness of wrap.

There are also benefits to be gained when wrapping square bales which tend to present an uneven pull on conventional film stretcher units as they rotate.

The device is also said to reduce the "necking" effect of film under tension. The PS8000 is priced at £2000.

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New Holland joins the one-pass bale and wrap sect with the Tawi 500/544 combination.

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