Letter 18/3/05

FSA has failed us all on this scareThe recent food scare about Sudan 1 sent me searching the Food Standards Agency”s website for lists of the condemned foods thought to contain this dangerous additive. Like millions of others, I checked my food cupboards and freezer at once. Happily, I found only one suspect item, which I disposed of immediately. However, it has become clear as this fiasco has gone on that had this been some form of immediate poison, or viral or bacterial contamination, accidental or deliberate, millions of people would now be extremely ill or dead. It is obvious that the Food Standards Agency has failed abysmally and is now discredited to the point where it is seen to be nothing more than yet another expensive and completely useless government organisation. There is no better proof that we should eat fresh food and eat local food. It is the only way that people will stand some chance of getting food that is safe. Tess Nash Venton Vean, Mawgan, Helston, Cornwall tess@ventonvean.freeserve.co.uk

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