Lice warning

22 October 1999

Lice warning

LICE are becoming an increasing problem in housed cattle, causing irritation and hide damage.

Pfizer vet Steve Fay says there are two types of lice. "Biting lice feed on skin debris, whereas sucking lice feed on blood."

Sucking lice may be controlled with injectable wormers but they are less effective against biting lice. "Injectables do not distribute over the skin surface as effectively as pour-ons, making them less effective against biting lice.

"But Dectomax pour-on, given up to five weeks before housing or up to four weeks after, is sufficient to keep cattle lice-free all winter," says Mr Fay. Pfizer is confident enough about its efficacy to offer a winter long guarantee, providing cattle are treated together and new stock are not introduced. &#42

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