Lifting potatoes; marketing beetroot

14 December 2000

Lifting potatoes; marketing beetroot

I HAVE two questions:
First, its very difficult to lift potatoes at the moment. Is it possible to do this without shaking them and without carrying to much soil in the trailer?

Second – and this may sound like a silly question – do you know if its possible to export beetroots and if so, at what price?

  • Damien Muret, Gommerville, Seine-Maritime, France

    ADVICE here is to leave the potatoes in the ground until the soil has dried out, but I appreciate you need to drill a following crop.

    I suggest you contact an agronomist at the British Potato Council (e-mail: who should be able to help.

    As for exporting beetroots, if you mean beetroots, I suggest you contact the Horticultural Export Agency on +44 (0) 1507 601919.

    If you mean sugar beet then contact Simon Fisher at British Sugar on +44 (0) 1487 830376 e-mail: e-mail:

  • Debbie Beaton, Editor, Crops

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