Linseed still upright with triazole mix

5 June 1998

Linseed still upright with triazole mix

KEY to keeping winter linseed standing during wet weather is a mix of growth regulating triazole fungicide tebuconazole (Folicur) and standard product 5C Cycocel (chlormequat + choline chloride).

"Mixing 0.5 litre/ha of the triazole with 1.5 litre/ha of 5C Cycocel gives better lodging control than using the full 2.5 litre/ha rate of 5C Cycocel on its own," explains Bob Simons, technical support manager for Bayer.

The mix is proving its worth during widespread lodging this season, being the main reason why crops kept standing at Semundos Abbots Ripton trials site in Cambs (Arable, May 29).

At £15-20/ha (£6-8/acre) that was only slightly more costly than full rate 5C Cycocel and delivered disease control too, he notes.

"We have had good results in our own trials and at ADAS Boxworth and the mix has our full backing for good, vigorous winter crops," says Mr Simons. For full disease control 0.5 litre/ha of mbc can be added too.

Linseed lodging lesson… a mix of 5C Cycocel and Folicur fungicide has helped prevent sights like this throughout East Anglia, says Bayers Bob Simons.

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