Load carrier unveiled

19 June 1998

Load carrier unveiled

SELF-PROPELLED sprayer specialist RJ Bateman Engineering has moved into the systems tractor market with the unveiling of its RB-Trac load carrier.

The unit has a payload of 8-10t and utilises a 190hp Lamborghini engine and Same powershift transmission, which gives a speed range from 1.5 – 50kph. The specification also includes two, four and crab-wheel steering and a rear pto.

Operator comfort comes from Batemans fully active suspension and, to get round the problems caused by wide, front folding spray booms, the cab features a coach-type sliding door.

Clayton Tractors used Cereals 98 to announce changes to its 4120 and 4105 models.

Standard features now include the 6000 series cab and six-spool valves and the machines are running with Pentronic five-mode steering for increased manoeuvrability. In addition to two, four and crab-wheel steer, this gives a 5deg and 10deg delay mode where, if the front wheels are turned beyond those angles, rear wheel steer automatically cuts in.

Dual circuit hydraulic power brakes are used to stop the vehicle and the models incorporate a simpler antisway system.

The anti-roll bar previously used has been replaced with hangers which come down from each side of the chassis and are attached to a full width torsion bar, a design claimed to improve stability by allowing only up and down movement of the loadbed.

RJ Batemans entry into the systems tractor market, the RB-Trac which will carry a price tag of around £56,000.

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