Long-distance ride aiming to safeguard 10 native breeds

27 March 1998

Long-distance ride aiming to safeguard 10 native breeds

IRENE Benjamin rode into the main ring perched high on the back of Brookfields Baron to publicise the 1250 mile (2012km), Glasgow to Guildford journey she is about to make to support the Horseshoe Appeal.

Launched by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust last summer, the appeal aims to raise £100,000 to ensure the future of 10 native horse and pony breeds. The Shire will be one of the beneficiaries – though not one of the three horses the world renowned side-saddle rider and equestrian judge has chosen for her planned 50 miles a day journey.

Another ridden Shire to fire the imagination at the spring show was Sladbrook Select, brought from Germany for the event by Sylvia Kramer. The four-year-old stallion, which has only been under saddle for nine months, was ridden by Aleksander Sokoluk who gave impressive dressage displays with circus trick finales.

Irene Benjamin on Brookfields Baron is accompanied by Tom Brewster and Emily Clements as she rides out to publicise her long distance charity trek. Above right: Aleksander Sokoluk on the dressage trained shire, Sladbrook Select.

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