Look to your marketing, NFU tells farmers

29 November 1998

Look to your marketing, NFU tells farmers

By Vicky Houchin

FARMERS must find better ways to market their produce, NFU policy director Ian Gardiner said today (Sunday).

“An industry that does not respond to its customers need is a dying industry,” Mr Gardiner told delegates at the first Farmers Forum at the Smithfield Show.

“The only mistake farmers can make is to think they can sail on and continue what theyre doing now,” he said.

The dire situation of most farmers is likely to be confirmed when the Government releases its annual farm income figures, said Mr Gardiner.

Mr Gardiners comments came on the day that the NFU and MAFF teamed up to co-fund a campaign to promote collaborative marketing.

The eight-month campaign, called Building Business Advantages, aims to encourage farmers to join forces and market their produce together.

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